Sabtu, 14 Agustus 2010


Dalam semangat keunggulan, HPI agro, sebuah perusahaan minyak kelapa yang baru tumbuh yang berafiliasi dengan PT Djarum, mencari kandidat yang memiliki:

In the spirit of excellence, HPI agro, a newly growing palm oil company which is affiliated with PT Djarum, is now welcoming our perspective candidates who have:

* High loyalty, commitment and unquestionable integrity
* Passion to learn, improve and innovate
* Great orientation towards performance, both individually and collectively
* a CAN-DO attitude and attention to detail in every aspect of their work
* Strong belief in collaboration for our better future

The followings are our area of career opportunities:

1. Research & Agronomy (RA)
2. Estates & Mills Operation (EMO)
3. Quality, Resource & Practice Control (QRPC)
4. Civil & Engineering (CE)
5. Geographical Information System (GIS)
6. Legal (LGL)
7. Corporate Affair (CA)
8. Procurement & Logistic (PL)
9. Finance & Accounting (FA)
10. Human Resource Development (HRD)
11. Information Technology (IT)
12. Business Development (BD)
13. Marketing (MAR)

Please visit our website at for more comprehensive knowledge about our organization and positions available. Both experienced candidates and fresh graduates of respective areas are encouraged to apply. Attractive remuneration package awaits those who strive for excellence

Recruitment Center HPI agro
PO BOX 6659, JKBSI 11066

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